SMS Scam


This scam uses fake emotions
and affection by the trickster

to con their victims of their money and savings.




The scammer will contact the victim, most probably via a dating app, or social media (like Facebook) and try to establish a ‘love’ relationship.




  • Once a strong ‘feeling’ develops, the scammer will start asking his victim for money for all sorts of reasons.
  • Among the reasons include helping his/her business grow, paying import tax before receiving an overseas gift, help pay for ‘medical’ expenses, pay for flight ticket and accommodationfor him/her to visit, pay ‘government tax’ for his/her non-existent inheritance, etc.



Be vigilant. DO NOT FALL for “the man/woman of your dreams” who most likely is a scammer! Avoid at all cost!


Always stay alert and be aware of the tricks used by scammers.


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