SMS Scam


If you still do not know
the Macau Scam, then continue to read

because it is the one fraud you will most likely encounter, sooner or later!




This scam involves a fraudster calling up a random number and ‘pose’ as a person of authority like a police detective, court official, bank or customs officer, hoping to ‘scare’ the victim into thinking they have done something ‘wrong’.




  • The usual trick is that the scammer will say you have an arrest warrantissued against you or your credit card has been hacked or you have not settled your income tax, or you have a pending court case, or your parcel has been detained by customs, etc.
  • The scammer will then scare you with legal action, arrest or a large fine and ask you to ‘settle’ by paying a certain amount of money.
  • This scam call may be a real person on the other side or a pre-recorded message.



DO NOT PANIC when you receive such calls. Make a police report immediately or call your bank to clarify.


Always stay alert and be aware of the tricks used by scammers.


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