SMS Scam


There are many spam emails, random SMS
or website links which you will encounter
on a daily basis

when you spend time online. Look carefully before you click!




Some website URLs, email addresses, or pop-up windows may look legitimate
but if you look closer, they are not what they seem!




  • Many website links, email addresses and URLs are similar or almost identical to the real thing, with only a slight difference in spelling or domain name.
  • These ‘mirror’ sites or suspicious links have only one intention - to steal your personal/banking information, including credit card details via a harmful software or malware - once you click on it.
  • Malwares are hard to remove once they ‘infect’ your smart device or computer, so it is vital to look carefully before you click.
  • Please ensure that your Anti Virus Software is always updated.



Be vigilant. DO NOT CLICK on suspicious links or download/install any apps or Android Package Kit (APK) sent from unidentified source/sender.


Always stay alert and be aware of the tricks used by scammers.




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