e-Banking Charter

We, at AmBank Group, are committed to ensuring security, confidentiality and convenience when delivering our financial products and services to you on our website located at www.ambank.com.my ("AmBank site"),  www.ambankgroup.com ("AmBank Group site") and www.amonline.com.my ("AmOnline Portal") and biz.amaccess.com.my (“AmAccess Biz Portal”).

As our customer, you now have access to our AmOnline and AmAccess Biz which makes it easier and more convenient to undertake financial transactions. With the convenience of the new and effective delivery channel via the Internet, we shall be able to deliver our financial services more effectively in terms of speed, reliability and quality.


The security of our AmOnline portal and AmAccess Biz portal is foremost in our commitment to you.

Security measures such as data encryption, server authentication and firewalls, combined with our strict internal security procedures and policies, are some of the security measures that we employ to ensure that you may use our AmOnline and AmAccess Biz securely and safely. Our security measures are continuously being monitored and reviewed in our endeavor to benefit from the latest security technologies available. For further details please read our Security Statement.

Privacy and Confidentiality of Personal Data

We take all reasonable precautionary measures to protect your personally identifiable information from loss, misuse or unauthorised access. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy Statements.

Accuracy of Portal Content

The contents of the AmBank Group site, AmBank site, AmOnline portal and AmAccess Biz portal reviewed from time to time in our endeavor to maintain its correctness for your enjoyment and convenience.


Our online products and services are provided primarily for your convenience. Towards this end, we are constantly innovating and creating new and exciting products and services so that we may serve you better.

Enquiries and Suggestions

We trust you will find the AmBank Group site, AmBank site, AmOnline portal and AmAccess Biz portal easy and convenient to use, and our contents useful and interesting. We welcome feedback, enquiries and suggestions to assist us in improving our services to you.

You may address your queries or suggestions by contacting us using the contact information given below and we shall use our best efforts to promptly attend to your queries.

Contact Information:
AmBank Contact Centre
P.O. Box No. 12617
50784 Kuala Lumpur.
E-mail address: customercare@ambankgroup.com