Why eFlex/-i?

Get the interest/profit rates of a fixed deposit/term deposit-i*, with the freedom like a savings account. Indeed, it is a savings account with a high interest/profit rates!

Key Benefits

Offers fixed deposit/term deposit-i* rates for maintaining the qualifying balance
Immediate access to liquidity for unforeseen expenses with the benefit of higher interest/profit rates

Qualifying threshold is RM20,000. Rate subject to change based on the prevailing 3-month FD/TD-i rate.

Ready to bank on change with eFlex/-i?

How eFlex/-i works

Base Rate
0.5% p.a on any end-of-day balance
Bonus interest/profit rate
  • Bonus Interest/Profit Rate is the difference between the prevailing 3-month Fixed Deposit/Term Deposit-i board rate (rate is subject to change) and the Daily Accrual Interest/Profit Rate.
  • To qualify for the Bonus Interest/Profit, daily end-of-day balance must be equal to or more than the threshold balance of RM20,000.
  • Bonus Interest/Profit is calculated based on the daily end-of-day balance with the qualifying threshold balance accrued and credited at month-end.

How to Use eFlex/-i

1. Apply for eFlex/-i via AmOnline
Transact as you normally would on a regular savings account -deposit, withdraw, transfer or pay bills and loans/financings.
2. Earn interest/profit
Earn on a base rate of 0.5% p.a. However, if your balance does not dip​
  • below RM20,000, your interest/profit rate on your daily end-of-day balance.
  • balance is topped up to the prevailing 3-month FD/TD-i rate of 2.40%.
3. Be prepared for the unexpected
In the event of emergencies where you need money, bank on eFlex/-i to tide you over while still earning 0.5%.


Ready to bank on change with eFlex/-i?

How can you make the deposit?


  1. Transfer money to your eFlex/-i via AmOnline if you have another account with AmBank
  2. Use another bank’s online banking service to make the transfer to your eFlex/-i account
  3. Deposit cash into your eFlex/-i from any AmBank Cash Deposit Machine
Ready to bank on change with eFlex/-i?

Ready to bank on change with eFlex/-i?

Yes, you can enjoy eFlex/-i as an AmBank/AmBank Islamic customer. eFlex/-i is only available to apply via the AmOnline Mobile App.
New to AmBank/AmBank Islamic? Please visit the nearest AmBank branch to you.​

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